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Some surfaces can be challenging to paint, but we stock the latest innovations in specialty paints to make things easier. Ask us about our products that will adhere over varnished surfaces, without sanding or priming! We carry paint that is designed for furniture and cupboards and that is available in any colour. Need to paint metal? We carry direct-to-metal paints that are oil-based and water-based. Wanting to paint your concrete floors? We have lots of options – some which will even hold up to vehicle traffic! For more information about our specialty products, feel free to give us a call today. We carry these specialty paint products:



This is the next generation of high quality, 100% acrylic paint, designed for direct-to-metal application. Being a water-based product, the paint dries quickly and provides a hard finish. It was developed specifically to adhere to all well-prepared metal surfaces, as well as wood and concrete. The white (4700-0) can also be used as a primer, as well as a finish coat to provide a rust proof protection.

Sheen: Semi-Gloss
Coverage: Approximately 450-550 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Approximately 4 to 6 hours to recoat (6 to 8 hours for dark colours)
Clean up: Water
Use: Interior and exterior

ISO-RUST (4000)


This is an alkyd paint that is rust-resistant, and that can be used on indoor and outdoor metal surfaces. It is an excellent adhesive on metals (except galvanized metal), and provides an ultra-washable and durable finish.

Sheen: High Gloss
Coverage: Approximately 430-473 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Quart (1L), gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Approximately 18 hours between coats
Clean up: Mineral spirits
Use: Interior and exterior



The best defense against rust! This is an interior and exterior anti-rust paint, fortified with polyurethane and silicone. It was designed for metal and it also works great on wood, fiberglass and plastic. We’ve used this product successfully over Adhero primed tiles! It’s available in a wide range of pre-mixed colors and can also be tinted to any color you wish. We have successfully used Corrostop on metal boats – allow two weeks of curing before putting in the water.

Sheen: Gloss
Coverage: Approximately 430-520 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Spray can, pint (236ml), quart (1L), gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Minimum 16 hours between coats
Clean up: Mineral spirits
Use: Exterior

Other Specialty Paint



Innovation Plus is a new generation, high quality, water-based paint, formulated from a urethane system which creates an extremely hard quartz finish. It offers extreme adhesion to varnished surfaces, making it a great product for cupboards! Unfortunately, this product does not have a long shelf life. We recommend that you purchase this product only when you’re ready to tackle your project.

Sheen: Quartz
Coverage: Approximately 520-600 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Approximately 3 to 6 hours between coats (6 hours for dark colours)
Clean up: Water
Use: Interior



This is a paint that is formulated with an epoxy-acrylic resin and added silicone for interior and exterior. It is available in a highly-resistant satin, pearl and semi-gloss finish. Having the latest self-crosslink technology, it creates an extremely smooth and washable surface. It can be used to finish primed cupboards, primed tiles, concrete floors, etc.

Sheen: Satin, Pearl, Semi-Gloss
Coverage: Approximately 500-600 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Quart (1L), gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Approximately 4 to 6 hours to recoat
Clean up: Water
Use: Interior and exterior



This is a two-part, 100% solids epoxy coating. To be applied on floors requiring colour and resistance. This epoxy is designed as a finishing coat or basecoat on cement or concrete. It is available in medium grey, light grey and almond colours. It is resistant to hot tire pick-up. It will also resist gas, oil and brake fluid.

Sheen: High Gloss
Coverage: Approximately 250 sq. ft.
Size: One size only
Dry Time: Approximately 12 hours for foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicle traffic
Clean up: Denatured alcohol or methyl hydrate
Use: Interior


PPG Paints®

An interior and exterior water-borne acrylic that is a Break-Through! This paint is formulated to bond directly to varnished surfaces without needing to prime or sand. It is an exceptional product to use on cupboards, shelving, concrete floors, etc.

Sheen: Pearl
Coverage: Approximately 300-350 sq. ft. per gallon
Size: Gallon (4L)
Dry Time: Minimum 2 hours to recoat
Clean up: Water
Use: Interior and exterior


We carry four types of chalk paint: Americana Décor, Chalkworthy, Crylon and RUST-OLEUM. Offering a range of colors, this product is great for quickly and easily refinish furniture, with no sanding or priming. Ideal for antiquing! We also carry different waxes and varnishes to protect your furniture once they’re painted.

Sheen: Flat
Size: 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 887 ml
Clean up: Water
Use: Interior only

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